Christian Education

KirkWood Sunday school


Option 1: “Making Room for Neighbors: Strengthen Relationships, Cultivate Community” By: Max Lucado, Randy Frazee

The guide is a catalyst to help Christian men and women intentionally go deeper and get more engaged in personal relationships with friends, family and neighbors.

“Making Room for Neighbors”

Fellowship Hall, September 10 – October 8

Leader: Steve Hudgins and/or Nate Nickerson


Option 1: Bible Study: “Luke”

They will methodically be going through the book. Studying all aspects of each verse and how it directly applies to your life.

Room 4, September –

Leader: Jim Birch


Option 2: “Why the Reformation Still Matters”

By: Michael Reeves & Tim Chester

In 1517, a German monk nailed a poster to the door of a church, disputing key doctrines taught by the Roman Catholic Church in that day. This moment set in motion a movement that changed the entire trajectory of church history. But do the Reformers still have something to teach us?

“Why the Reformation Still Matters”

Fellowship Hall, September 10 – November 19

Leader: Christine Pregler


Option 1: “And Here I Stand”

Compiled by: Joyce Armstrong

“And here I stand” is a quote by Martin Luther. He stands strong in his beliefs and the Bible. Explore the reformation, and where you stand as a subsequent follower of Luther and his teaching.

Fellowship Hall, September 10 – November 26

Leader: Joyce Armstrong


Option 2: “Faith: What Are You Hoping For?”

By: Paul Tripp

What is faith? We all know that the Bible defines faith as “the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen” – but do we knowhow to live by faith in the street-level situations and relationships of our daily Christianity?

“Faith: What are you Hoping For?”

Room 4, September 10 – November 5

Leader: Bruce Buchanan


High & Middle School:

The Protestant Reformation by: PCUSA publishing

To celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, a survey of church history that includes a look at Martin Luther’s life and his impact on the Reformation, including a session on the life of John Calvin and his work. Through these times of turmoil and renewal, these men and women were faithful to God’s call.

“The Protestant Reformation”

Room 8, September 10 – June

Leaders: Ryan Wenner, Ashley Wenner, Elisabeth Kelly, & TBD


Elementary Age: Students will rotate through classes based on monthly themes. Way of the Word (WoW) is for ages Kindergarten through 5th grade. We meet upstairs in Room 11 then move to rooms based on our activities for the week. There is something for every learning style! Leader: Ryann George and other volunteers.

Preschool: Students are age 2/3 through 4 year olds. This class meets in Nursery A/B and is play based with a short story lesson. Leader: Jeannine Scott and other volunteers