Sermon Series “Becoming”

Five week series on the transformation of God’s people.

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Week 1:
Monday Memo notes

The most extended use of the potter/clay metaphor is in Jeremiah 18.1-17
Here’s a short devotional on that passage: The Potter’s Wheel | Our Daily Bread
Two great devotionals that get into the specifics of turning a clay into a vase or pot: 
Be the Clay in God’s Hands. One day at church, my Pastor was…
In the Potter’s Hands
The potter/clay metaphor is the centerpiece of one of Henry Wordsworth Longfellow’s most well-known poems: The Song of the Potter
Week 2:
Monday Memo notes

A short devotional on asking, “Will this glorify God?”: Glorify
One PCUSA pastor’s reflection on “glorifying” and “enjoying” God: Glorify and Enjoy God
How the PCUSA itself describes each facet of the “great ends” of church:
Presbyterian Mission Agency Living out the ‘Great Ends of the Church’
More on human desire from C. S. Lewis: 
Nothing in this World: C.S. Lewis’ “Argument from Desire” Through the Lens of History
  My Reflections: C. S. Lewis’s Argument from Desire and the Crisis of Meaninglessness
Argument From Desire
Week 3:
Monday Memo notes

Interested in Simon Sinek and his work/research about “starting with why” before figuring out your what and how? A good entry point is his TED Talk on that subject: 
     Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action
Three short devotionals focused on the body of Christ and spiritual gifts: 
    Both/And in an Either/Or World
    We Are All Christ’s Body
    Sorry, That’s Not My Gift
Week 4:
Monday Memo notes

All the “One another” Bible verses in one infographic
Emotional safety is the bedrock on which community is built; a lack of relational safety ensures that community cannot exist: 
Safe People, by Henry Cloud and John Townsend
What are Safe People?
A spiritual director’s reflection on Christian community:
The Spiritual Practice of Community
The Lonely Crowd: churches dying due to friendlessness
Week 5:
Monday Memo notes

Read all of Psalm 37
Character development through the eyes of a Christian counselor:
Christian Character Defined: A Christian Counselor Speaks 
Character in the New Testament, and specifically Paul’s writings, vs. how it was understood in the ancient world: Paul and Christian Character (N. T. Wright Q&A)
David Brooks has written extensively on character development. 
    Here’s a short video on just one part of his work:
David Brooks: Should you live for your résumé … or your eulogy? 
    Here’s a 20 minute presentation on the “five levels of character”:
David Brooks – The 5 Levels of Character.
    Here’s a long form presentation and interview on his book:
David Brooks on the Road to Character
    And, last, here’s a link to the book itself: The Road to Character: Brooks, David