Sermon Series “Mosaic”

Four week series learning about and appreciating the mosaic that is human diversity.

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Week 1:
An Introduction to Diversity
Monday Memo notes

Explore More this Week
Why does workplace diversity training so often fail?  Top 4 Reasons Diversity And Inclusion Programs Fail
Christians should lead the way in conversations about diversity and inclusivity: Christians Should Lead the Way in Diversity and Equity
Listen to the beautiful community covenant of one of our denomination’s seminaries, focused squarely on diversity, inclusivity, hospitality, mutual respect, and graciousness: Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion – Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Test your own unconscious bias by taking the Harvard Implicit Bias Test:  Take a Test
A TED talk entitled, “Are you biased? I am,” providing some great examples of unconscious bias:  Are you biased? I am | Kristen Pressner
Two great one minute videos on unconscious bias, and how to take steps to overcome it:
Unconscious Bias Test
How To Overcome Unconscious Bias
“All of Us,” an award-winning 3 min. video on unconscious bias and how to rise above it:  All of Us
Week 2:
THRIVE Peninsula and Socioeconomic Diversity
Monday Memo notes

THRIVE Peninsula
Learn more about our new community partner at their website – Homeless Prevention | THRIVE Peninsula
Exploring Poverty and Ministry to the Poor
1. On poverty in America: 
– An NPR 30 min. presentation entitled “The Price of Poverty” in America”: The Price Of Poverty: What It Means To Be Poor In America
– Basic poverty and financial insecurity stats from 2021:Poverty Facts ( and Data on Poverty in the United States – Center for American Progress
 – A web series of documentaries on poverty in America – this link is to episode 1, and in its description you’ll find links to the other episodes: Meet the Working Class | Hard Earned | ENDEVR Documentary
2. On empowering poverty ministry: 
– The group from whom Pastor Chris learned empowering poverty ministry is one that our new partner, THRIVE, also uses. That group is The Chalmers Center, and its principle book is “When Helping Hurts”: Home – The Chalmers Center and When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor . . . and Yourself: Corbett, Steve, Fikkert, Brian, Perkins, John, Platt, David
– Here’s a 3 min. overview by The Chalmers Center focused on the universality of poverty: When Helping Hurts
– Here’s an 8 min. interview with the authors of “When Helping Hurts” in which they overview the key principles of the book: When Helping Hurts Author Interview
– Here are a couple of written summaries of “When Helping Hurts”: Microsoft Word – When Helping Hurts and when_helping_hurts2.doc (
– Here’s an entire free small group discussion video curriculum on the subject, which also make for great viewing individually (each video is 10-12 min.): When Helping Hurts – Small Group Sessions
Week 3:
Anthropology and Diversity
Monday Memo notes

1. Scripture reading this week:
Read through Romans 1-4 and notice how St. Paul is trying to level the playing field, so to speak, by showing the fundamental sameness of humanity, whatever their cultural and religious differences: Romans 1-4 NRSVA
As the majority group shifted in the New Testament church, its leaders gathered to discuss the tension and a route forward. Check out their gracious, wise conversation and conclusions in what we now call The Jerusalem Council: Acts 15.1-35 NRSVA
2. Learn more about the crucial difference between “cultural appreciation” and “cultural appropriation”: 
Cultural Appreciation vs. Cultural Appropriation: Why it Matters
Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation (from Canada’s public radio, focused on
indigenous culture) 
What’s the Difference Between Appropriation and Appreciation? (how fashion designers struggle with and think through the difference)
3. Appreciate the diversity and multicultural identity of the earliest Christian churches, or, in this case, the church in Antioch (as portrayed in Acts 13.1-5): A multicultural church—Acts 13:1-3
Week 4:
The Mutlicultural Future of America and the Church
Monday Memo notes

More on Multiracial and Multicultural Churches

– A great NPR article on the growing number of multiracial churches in American, which also goes into detail on the struggles and limitations of the movement: Multiracial Congregations May Not Bridge Racial Divide
– A similar article from a leading evangelical periodical on the same subject: The Multiethnic Church Movement Hasn’t Lived up to Its Promise
– An article focused on recent, new openness to multicultural worship in the PCUSA: Presbyterian Mission Agency Multiracial Worship
A Video to Cap our Mosaic Series
A powerful 4 min. video that reminds us, as we heard from Rachel Fisher, our resident anthropologist in week 3 of the series, that our universal human experiences and hopes unite us beneath our differences in age, ethnicity, socioeconomic level, etc.: Don’t Put People in Boxes
Bonus Video 1: A follow-up to week 1
Bonus Video 2: Diversity and Persons Who are Disabled