Sermon Series “Ancient Future Mission”

Four week series to help ensure Christianity does not get lost in translation in our post-Christian country.

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Week 1:
Go and Be
Monday Memo notes

More to Explore This Week
1) Want to revisit our previous Sunday series on how we can learn from Paul’s sermon in Athens how to communicate Christianity to those completely unfamiliar with it? Here’s the link to that series page – Sermon Series “Lost in Translation” – KirkWood Presbyterian Church
2) Some scripture reading on the remarkable yet ordinary moral and attitudinal distinctives of the early Christians, as advocated by the apostle Paul: Ephesians 4.17 – 5.5 NRSVUE and Colossians 3.1-17 NRSVUE and Rom 12.9-21 NRSVUE
3) Pastor Chris mentioned this article in the sermon yesterday, which contains some great advice for how to live agreeably with other Christians as the world around us watches: Warning: The World is Watching How We Christians Treat One Another – Frank Viola
4) A 16 min. video interview with Michael Frost (remember him from the book, “Surprise the World”?) talking about the holy “weirdness” of Christianity: Keep Christianity Weird, Interview With Michael Frost
5) A piece by Michael Frost on four instances in church history when the church got “weird” for better: Four times the church got weird… and was better for it
6) On the high calling of distinctive Christian character focused on love and holiness: To Bear the Character of God – Chris Webb
7) Anyone remember this song from the play Godspell, “You are the Light of the World”: “Light of the World” ~ Godspell (1973)
Week 2:
Go and Love
Monday Memo notes

Week 3:
Go and Tell
Monday Memo notes

Week 4:
Come and Belong
Monday Memo notes