Sermon Series Table of Contents

Video SeriesDescription
Deep Change

2024 Lenten series reflecting on the book Emotionally Healthy Discipleship by Peter Scazzero.
Pray Like This

Six week series studying prayer, focusing on the Lord’s Prayer.
A Surprising Christmas

Advent 2023 Series
Jesus C.F.O.

Four week series listening to four of the things Jesus said about money.
Ancient Future Mission

In this four week series we investigate how the very first Christians reached out to and changed their world in the name of Jesus.
It’s Up to You 2023

Summer series addressing questions from the KirkWood family.
Lost in Translation

Four week series to help ensure Christianity does not get lost in translation in our post-Christian country.
Choose Joy

Four week series traveling the joy-lined cobble stoned streets of Philippians.

Five week Lenten series reflecting on the book Seeking God by Trevor Hudson.

Four week series learning about and appreciating the mosaic that is human diversity.
Advent 2022
In the Beginning

A four week series on the creation story

Five week series on the transformation of God’s people.
It’s Up to You

Nine week series addressing questions from the KirkWood family.
Love Big

Five week series exploring the multiple love relationships that lie at the core of Christianity; that define what it means to be a Christian.
Come to Jesus

Five week series retracing the footsteps of all kinds of people as they came to Jesus
Fishing with Jonah

Four week series looking at an amazing and entertaining story that is Jonah.
Onward and Upward

Four week series reflecting on the year that has passed and looking at the year that is to come.
The Word Became Flesh

Four week Advent series in the first 18 chapters of John.
Identity Check

Six week series on what it means to be a Presbyterian.

Four week series looking at how can Christians right now shine like stars in the sky to the world?
Surprise the World!

Eight week series discussing the book “Surprise the World!” by Michael Frost.
Perfectly Imperfect Faith

Six week series talking about the life of faith using Hebrews Chapter 11.
Your Home Spiritual Workout

Six week Lenten series to help you take some steps forward in taking personal responsibility for your own spiritual life.
Ancient Future Church

Six week series meant to look back at the earliest church in the New Testament while inviting us to look forward to what we might become as we emulate them.
Joy to Your World

Four week Advent series talking about Joy – about the happiness in the Christmas story.
Christianity in the Time of CoVid

Six week series on the “new normal” of Christianity.