Planning & Leadership Development

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PLD Committee Chair:  Elder Murray Ritter

The PLD Committee is responsible for:
  • Working with all Session committees to develop KirkWood’s long-range plans
  • Tracking and reporting long-range plan progress to the congregation
  • Leadership development programs including, New Elder training
  • Coordinating and preparing the KirkWood Annual Report
  • Coordinating presentations for and leading the Annual Congregational Meeting
  • Leading Session Retreats to help foster team-building and to work through issues related to church operations
  • Maintaining KirkWood’s statistical databases
Goals for 2022:
  • Lead two Session Retreats to implement identified priorities: 1) to guide the way-ahead as informed by decisions coming from the Surprise the World study, and 2) to assess progress on implementing ongoing KirkWood reforms and to determine possible adjustments to those changes
  • Guide the Session and the congregation through dynamic programming so KirkWood will continue to grow faith inwardly and reach outwardly to make a difference in our community
  • Facilitate efforts to reinvigorate KirkWood’s Discipleship Group ministry (small groups) and plan to establish two or more new groups
  • Work with all Session committees on leadership development, planning, and spiritual activities
Opportunities to Serve
  • Tracking Progress toward Goals
  • Christian Leadership Training
  • Conducting Market Analysis of Local Area Trends
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Strategic Thinking & Planning