Sermon Series “Lost in Translation”

Four week series to help ensure Christianity does not get lost in translation in our post-Christian country.

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Week 1:
America is Athens
Monday Memo notes

Explore More This Week
– Want to read the backstory that brought Paul to Athens? Check it out: Acts 17.1-15 NRSVA
  – A quote worth reconsidering about the dying, inadequate gods of our world: “The gods of this world are sick unto death…And we all shudder at the sound because to witness the death of gods is a fearsome thing. Which gods? The gods that we worship. The gods that our enemies worship… These are the gods in whom the world has put its ultimate trust. Some of them are our particular gods, and there are plenty of others each can name for him or herself. And where are they now? They are dying, and their twilight thickens into night. Where is the security that they promise? Where is the peace? The terrible truth is that the gods of this world are no more worthy of our ultimate trust than the men who created them.” (Frederick Buechner, in The Magnificent Defeat)
– Read Richard Foster discuss the alternative Christianity offers culture, including challenging cultural, inadequate idols: The Contemporary Battlefronts – Richard J. Foster
– Two short devotionals on our personal idols: How Many Gods Do You Have? and Nothing Special
– A somewhat dated but still useful paradigm from a leading evangelical church researcher on how to differentiate the receptivity and needs of unchurched and nonChristian persons: CityLife Church Melbourne Australia and CityLife Church Melbourne Australia
– As we prepare to look in depth at how Paul explained Christianity to entirely nonChristian people, this might be a way to prime the pump…it’s an 80 minute free online seminar by Trevor Hudson (remember that name?) entitled, “Finding Good Words to Share the Good News”: Finding Good Words to Share the Good News
Week 2:
Who God Is and Who He Isn’t
Monday Memo notes

For this Week
1) Scripture reading this week: 
– On God not needing our offerings and sacrifices, see Psalm 50.7-15 NRSVA
– On what God wants from us, rather than offerings, sacrifices, and other religious rites: Psalm 51.16-17 NRSVA and Isaiah 1.10-17 NRSVA
– On God being greater than our ability to express in an idol or artistic physical form: Isaiah 40.12-26 NRSVA
2) A short, simple sermon from a small UCC church in MA on God being greater than our words and imaginations: God Is Bigger Than We Can Imagine!
3) A leading American New Testament scholar on the clear N.T. claim that Jesus/God is Lord, which means Caesar is not: If Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not | Scot McKnight
4) A thoughtful article entitled “5 Things God Is Not
5) A devotional on God being a giver as an expression of His love for us: God Gave
Week 3: Monday Memo notes
Week 4:Monday Memo notes

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