Sermon Series “Countercultural”

Four week series looking at how can Christians right now shine like stars in the sky to the world?

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Week 1:
Humility, Not Greatness
Monday Memo notes

1) This is the book Pastor Chris mentioned during the sermon yesterday, a great and easy read about childlike faith –  Dangerous Wonder (with Discussion Guide): Yaconelli, Michael
2) Interested in the science of what children do better than adults? There’s a lot out there on the internet, here’s one article that packs a lot of research into one short piece – What Humble Kids Have in Common
Week 2:
Responsible, Not Angry
Monday Memo notes

1. The Proverbs on anger: Want to do a little more digging into scripture about anger? Try the Proverbs on anger… BibleGateway – Keyword Search: anger
2. Want to read more about the physical and psychological cost of avoiding your anger? Try this – The Simple Truth about Anger
3. A wise reflection on Christianity and anger, especially as it dovetails with our concern for social justice, from Ryan McAnnally of The Yale Center for Faith and Culture – It’s okay for Christians to be angry. What matters is what you do with that anger.
Week 3:
Unity, Not Polarization
Monday Memo notes

1. Two short videos in which Dr. Christena Cleveland (cited above) delves into Christian unity and the content of her book a little more: 
    ‘Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the Hidden Forces that Keep Us Apart’ by Christena Cleveland
    To Become One, Week 1
2. A short reflection on how “church unity” has become an oxymoron in far too many instances: Has ‘Church Unity’ Become an Oxymoron? – N.T. Wright Online
Week 4:
Collaboration, Not Conflict
Monday Memo notes

From Celebrating Community: 
Gracious God, You have called us to be a new community in Christ, and yet we often remain divided. Forgive us for our fear, anxiety, and misunderstanding. Strengthen instead our common bonds and deepen our resolve to be unified as Your church.
Give us a thirst and hunger for communion with one another in faith, life, and witness. Keep us restless until we grow together in accord with Christ’s prayer that we who believe in Him may be one, amen.