KirkWood Native Tree Trail

Welcome to the KirkWood Native Tree Trail

This trail is dedicated to helping you get to know some of the trees and other plant species native to this part of Virginia.

Trees are a vital part of the local ecology. They serve many important functions and are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. They provide food and shelter to many, many essential animal species.

Explore the Tree Trail. See how many different species you can identify. Use the tree tag QR codes to dig deeper about any specific type of tree. Enjoy getting to know your helpful neighbors. We have responsibility to appreciate and care for them. Each one is fascinating.

Here’s a map of the trees around the Trail: KirkWood Native Tree Trail Map

Please watch your step on uneven ground.

The Trail is open dawn to dusk year round. Enjoy the seasonal changes and dance of life.

Download the Virginia Tech smartphone app “vTree” to learn about the plants around you.